Keep your spyglasses focused on our social media channels and Discord over the coming days as we announce all of the events happening on the day! It’s going to be a fun packed day, that’s for sure!

Streamer Panels

The streamers below will be taking part in some live discussion panels where you will get the chance to, meet, greet, ask them questions and find out more about them and their tales of sailing the Sea of Thieves!

Live Music

What better way to get the party started? The acts below will be joining us on the day to keep the music flowing!

The Longest Johns are a folk band brought together through a mutual love of shanties and traditional folk tunes.

Yorkshire based musician who did a beautiful rendition of Becalmed on the violin.

Fest of Legends

A live-streamed one of a kind Race of Legends, direct from the venue! Do you and your crew have what it takes to take home the glory?


From carnival style games to cosplay competitions, we’re going to have it all!
More information coming soon!

Cosplay Competition

Information and Sign Up Here