Cosplay Competition

The SoTFest 2024 Cosplay Competition takes place on Saturday, 13th July 2024 and we will enjoy our contestants’ performances starting 12:30pm on the main stage at Bescot Stadium, Walsall.

We will present all participants on stage, and showcase the wonderful skill and costumes portrayed in bringing the Sea of Thieves to life. After the showcase, some musical intermission and consultation time for the judges, we will invite all the participants back on stage and the judges will announce the winners! 

There will be 3 places that are rewarded with medallions.

If you have a cosplay you want to show off to the lovely Sea of Thieves Community sign up now!

Please read the Rules carefully before you submit your entry for the competition.

Fill out the form below to sign up!

We will confirm your registration via email and will provide more information closer to the event!

Cosplay FAQs

Will the Cosplay Competition be live streamed or recorded?
The Cosplay Competition may be streamed or recorded and published as a VOD.  By signing up to the SoTFest Cosplay Competition all contestants consent to have their photo taken and used by SoTFest. Your photo may be shared on social media, the SoTFest website, and any other affiliated platforms. It may also be used for promotional materials now and in the future.
Can I take photos of/with cosplayers?
Most cosplayers would love to have their photograph taken but please always ask before taking a photo.
Is there somewhere I can store my suitcase / props?
The venue has a cloakroom facility to store your jackets or bags.
Do you have changing rooms?
A Changing room is available at this event. If you are travelling to the event in your Cosplay, please be mindful and keep any realistic weapons props covered until you arrive at the venue. SoTFest is not liable for any loss or damage to objects left in the changing room.
Is there an age limit for entering the cosplay competition?
We welcome people of all ages to enter the cosplay competition. However due to the nature of the event we only accept applications from the age of 18 up.
I did buy/didn’t make parts for my cosplay. Can I still enter?
Of course! Every costume is eligible to enter the competition.
Do I have to enter the Competition if I’m in Cosplay?
Entering the Cosplay competition is entirely down to individual choice. We encourage anyone to take part who wants to, but if you are more comfortable watching then we welcome your support in the audience.
Is my prop/costume allowed?
Please see our cosplay guidelines for details of what props, costumes and behaviors are allowed.
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