With an event so big we couldn’t do this alone! Take a look at the very charitable and helpful pirates and friends below that have helped us put this event together.

Go follow them, buy their things and make them feel loved! Pretty please.

If you think you could help us out in any way, big or small, feel free to get in touch and let us know!

Insomnia Gaming Festival

These lovely folks will be helping us put on a very special Race of Legends event: "Fest of Legends" on the day.

As well as providing us with tech and support!



Freyline aka “Frey” is a NY-based Full time Twitch Content Creator who focuses on high-seas hi-jinks in Sea of Thieves and Cozy Games. The community strives to be positive influence on Twitch by spreading love and kindness. You'll find them sailing with friends, helping brand new pirates, and laughing with the Kitty Community.


Rare Thief

Well is there any better Sea of Thieves help guides and maps out there?

Rare Thief always has you covered!

@RareThiefRare Thief

Biomechine Props

Sea of Thieves Gamer, LARPer, Cosplayer, Darksynth DJ, Prop Maker, Foamsmith



Hello there, I'm Jobi!

I'm a Cosplayer / Prop builder and gamer, who loves Nintendo, Star Wars and Marvel.

I play a range of games both modern and retro. The majority of which is the beautiful Sea of Thieves.

I also stream Prop and Cosplay workshops, where I can show you my working processes.



My names Chloe, I love to craft and game! I also love dinosaurs, did I mention that?

I have been crafting and making props for about 6 years now, I have made a few cosplay too which you can check out on Instagram! I absolutely love crafting, I just love being able to express myself through Art. My favorite thing to do is painting large props, something I have done before.

I also have a Twin sister who helps me out too! She is in charge of the 3D printer and prep work that goes into the prints.